About Us

While working as a Registered Nurse 10 years ago in the Neurosciences Department of Vancouver General Hospital, Marilyn Senador was inspired and moved by the observation that many families were clamoring for companionship/support whenever the day for their recovering loved ones to be discharged from the hospital was approaching. It was as if it was a dreaded event that families could not help but be concerned, and rightly so, about their loved ones' sustained well-being and recovery needs. Realizing, then, that there was a great need for a closer, more active, more personal form of care for many individuals with difficulties, Marilyn decided to take the big step of starting Saltgrass Health Inc. Marilyn knew life for these individuals had to mean much more than just being confined to a room with a view and that they deserved much better.

Setting up a healthcare management company was no easy task, however; it was the challenge that kept Marilyn deeply motivated in her sincere belief and knowledge that people needed help -- and she was determined to see to it that every client under her company's care would receive the compassionate, dignified care that they rightfully deserved. After many obstacles and difficulties, Marilyn was able to initially open her first acquired brain injury residential group home, Jasper House, followed by expansion into Leaside Place. Alongside acquired brain injury group homes, Marilyn has also expanded Saltgrass Health into providing Home Sharing and Support Services.

Saltgrass Health is one of British Columbia's leading and most experienced healthcare management companies. Saltgrass Health provides flexibility and choice, allowing our clients to select the plan that best suits their current and future needs, their lifestyle and budget. With Saltgrass Health, clients will have peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are in the capable hands of compassionate, caring, hospitable, and experienced personnel. The company's management team and staff are comprised of Rehabilitation Professionals that are carefully selected, based on licensed training and years of experience in their respected fields, so clients can always expect the very best. At Saltgrass Health, we are truly committed to making a better life for our clients and their families. We are continually introducing new innovations to healthcare, providing ongoing staff education, and going above and beyond what is expected of us simply because we care. Our reputation is built on being efficient, trustworthy, caring, dependable, flexible, and always being available when needed.

Our Name

As the founder of Saltgrass Health, Marilyn Senador is often asked why she chose to name her community health agency 'Saltgrass'.

The answer lies in the nature of saltgrass itself: It is a robust species that quickly creates a firm foundation for sod in areas where the soil has been disturbed creating stability in its surroundings. Saltgrass is hardy and will thrive in a wide range of soil and environmental conditions ranging from dry prairies to mud flats as well as underwater. Being flexible and adaptable, it will thrive regardless of its surroundings and is extremely important as shelter for waterfowl, fish and crustacean species.

This makes 'Saltgrass' an excellent symbol for a community health agency focused on establishing stability while providing the opportunity to thrive within a secure environment. It is the fundamental wish of Saltgrass Health that every client will thrive within their community.