Our Mission, Vision and Values


The Mission of Saltgrass Health is to provide the support and encouragement to empower every individual to achieve their full potential to enhance their life skills and to build lasting social networks through which their social integration goals will be attained.


We envision a society where all people with disabilities receive the support they need to live fulfilling lives within a welcoming and mutually beneficial community.


Encouraging Staff

  • Staff at Saltgrass Health view themselves as coaches who assist an individual to achieve and maintain their highest possible level of independence and community integration.
  • Once the individual is connected, staff want to fade into the background and move on to the next goal or to the next client.
  • Staff see themselves there ultimately to help the individual ‘to build a life’. It is not their role to become their life.
  • We actively practice the art of encourage ment and believe that everybody’s successes should be celebrated.

Building Social Capital

  • The ability of people to make connections and build a network within which they work together to achieve common purposes is seen as critical. The exchange of ‘value’ among this network is non-monetary. At Saltgrass we recognize this Social Capital as the glue that binds members of society together.
  • Human relationships are vital to every individual achieving their goals and living meaningful lives.
  • We believe that everything we do should be done within the context of strengthening the individuals’ social support network.
  • We must actively avoid diminishing any persons’ family, friendship or other unpaid community supports.

Engagement and Choice

  • Each individual and their family should be full participants in planning and decisions that affect them, based on the concept of “nothing about me without me”.
  • We respect our clients’ choices and recognize their right to have a full range of options on issues that are important to them.
  • The planning of activities should be individu alized to avoid inappropriate clustering.
  • When a group activity is planned it is solely because of the positive benefits anticipated by the interactions within the group.


  • We believe that all paid services for people with disabilities should be cost-effective and be evaluated on the achievement of positive outcomes for those being served.


  • We actively seek recognition and full mutual respect within the spectrum of supports and services for people with disabilities working collaboratively to achieve clientfocused goals.